Sabra on The Visionary Leadership Podcast

A great discussion with Robert Schwenkler. In case you don’t have time for the whole thing…

Sabra’s Journey of Bringing Theatre into Prisons (3:53)

  • Theatre’s Impact on Racial Segregation and Gang Culture (13:21)

  • The US Prison and Justice System (19:01)

  • The Problem with the Word “Recidivism” (25:37)

  • Masculinity and Prison Culture (33:30)

  • The Importance of Self-Work in Social Justice Movements (40:58)

  • Appropriate Leadership in Social Justice Movements (41:57)

  • Experiences with Prison Systems and Policy Reform (44:50)

  • Sabra’s New Initiative Creative Acts and Its Experiences with Juvenile Prisons and Activism (52:47)

  • 300 Year Vision (1:03:05)

sabra williams